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Sundance presents an evening of Shakespearean language and lore



What: Sundance presents a book signing and reading event with nationally and internationally renowned Shakespearean scholars Eric Rasmussen and Ben Crystal.

UNR’s award-winning scholar Eric Rasmussen presents his latest book The Shakespeare Thefts. The first edition of Shakespeare’s collected works, the First Folio, published in 1623, is one of the most valuable books in the world and has historically proven to be an attractive target for thieves. Of the 160 First Folios listed in a census of 1902, 14 were subsequently stolen and only two of these were ever recovered. In his efforts to catalog all the precious First Folios, Rasmussen embarked on a riveting journey around the globe, involving run-ins with heavily tattooed criminal street gangs in Tokyo, bizarre visits with eccentric, reclusive billionaires and intense battles of the wills with secretive librarians.

Bard enthusiasts and theater lovers will enjoy this rare opportunity to hear Shakespeare’s works spoken in their original pronunciation by British actor and scholar Ben Crystal as he presents his latest book Shakespeare on Toast. Crystal brings the bright words and colorful characters of the world’s greatest writer wonderfully to life, offering the key to understanding Shakespeare’s plays and unlocking the so-called difficult bits.

Where: Sundance Books and Music, 121 California Ave., Reno.

When: Monday, Nov. 7, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Since opening its doors in 1985, Sundance Books and Music has been dedicated to the service of books and book lovers. As a local, independent bookstore, Sundance is committed to strengthening and contributing to both our local and global communities.

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