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OPINION: IHOP right to reopen


Dennis Stark, member of Nevada's Bicycle Advisory BoardSUBMITTED BY DENNIS STARK

I read the “Open letter to Our Community” from Peter Kouis, Regional Manager of IHOP, on the back page of the Nevada Appeal. It was a full page ad that stated IHOP will be re-opening (hopefully) prior to the holidays.

It is my opinion that IHOP is entirely right in moving forward with this plan, as the restaurant has been an important part of Carson City for a long time.

I have read the letter from others-both for and against this issue-and empathize with all of the opinions presented by so many. As a frequent past customer of IHOP, I valued what they brought to the area. I also grieve and am saddened by the tragedy that occurred there but am confident that IHOP will appropriately  honor the memory and circumstances-as we all will.

Kouis states that “We look forward to welcoming you there, with gratitude.” I believe our community should support the decision to re-open and the people that are a part of that group.

We should all have the gratitude in our hearts that we have a great community, caring neighbors, and a generally safe-but not guaranteed-environment in which to live and work. We have suffered a tragic loss, must remember the past, but should look forward to the future.

Dennis Stark is former Lyon County manager and offers consulting for government leaders and policy makers.

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