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New parking meters in Reno

By ThisIsReno


Over the next several weeks, visitors to the downtown area will see a different type of parking meter being installed.

Multi-space meters using a central kiosk are replacing the current single space parking meters. The City of Reno anticipates the replacement project will be completed by the end of summer. The current parking meters are past or nearing the end of their useful life so replacement is necessary.

The multi-space meters include the following components:

  • Payment options such as coin, credit cards, debit cards, and cellular phone.
  • Ability to make a payment from any kiosk.
  • Sensors allowing enforcement officers the ability to check for parking compliance through technology.

The City of Reno conducted a pilot study from October 2009 to February 2010 testing three different types of parking meters systems in order to choose a system that allows for alternative payment methods, as well as providing ease of use for residents and visitors, reliability, and economical sensibility.

In October 2010, the Reno City Council awarded the bid to Secure Storage Technologies, LLC, a local company, as the lowest responsive bidder. In December 2010, the contract was signed for the purchase, operation, and maintenance of the multi-space meters.