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Holiday and summer fun at Pyramid Lake



NIXON, Nev. — As the Fourth of July weekend approaches the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe would like to remind visitors who are planning to spend the holiday weekend at Pyramid Lake that all laws and regulations will be in effect. Pyramid Lake is the property of and managed by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. Due to the extended holiday weekend the tribe is expecting a large crowd for the Fourth of July weekend. The tribe would like to remind all visitors to the lake that day use, camping and other permits are required for all non-tribal members to access the lake. Proceeds from permits help support programs that protect public safety and the unique eco-system of Pyramid Lake year round.

Fireworks now available for sale and use in designated areas at Pyramid Lake
Just in time for the Fourth of July weekend and summer season, fireworks are now available for sale and use on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation in designated areas. Phantom fireworks are now available for sale exclusively at the I-80 Smokeshop in Wadsworth (1000 Smokeshop Circle Wadsworth, NV 89442 just off Exit 43) and the Nixon Store (50 State Route 447 Nixon, NV 89424 at the corner of SR 446 & SR 447). For more information please call 775-575-2181. Fireworks can only be purchased by customers over the age of 18 with proof of a government-issued ID. With the purchase of fireworks, customers will be issued a free fireworks permit that will allow them to shoot fireworks in designated areas on the reservation. Designated fireworks
areas include: Indian Head Beach, Rawhide Beach and Blockhouse Beach. The use of fireworks is prohibited in all other areas on the reservation. The tribe would like to remind visitors that fireworks are illegal in most of Nevada and the possession and use of fireworks can lead to a fine or jail time.

Area near the Pyramid closed to the public
The tribe would like to remind visitors that the access road (Tribal Route #5) and the area near the Pyramid on the east side of Pyramid Lake is still closed to the general public until further notice. Citing recent vandalism to the area and the cultural importance of the area to tribal members, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Council at its April 15 meeting made the decision to close the area to the general public until further notice. Persons caught in this area will be cited for trespass pursuant to the provisions of the Tribe’s Law and Order Code and may face fines. For more information please visit www.pyramidlake.us.

Trout fishing season ended June 30
The tribe would like to remind all fisherman and visitors to Pyramid Lake that trout fishing season ended on June 30. Pyramid Lake is widely regarded as a world-class fishery and one of finest places to catch a Lohanton Cutthroat Trout. For more information about fishing and tribal regulations, please log onto www.pyramidlake.us.

Online permits now available
Visitors to Pyramid Lake can now save time and print their own day use, camping, boating, fishing and other permits online at home. Unlike at area stores, online permit sales do not charge a convenience fee and are available for purchase 24 hours a day. To obtain an online permit log onto www.pyramidlake.us.

Tribal permits required
Due to the current economic conditions of the area, tribal permit fees have not increased from last year. In an effort to further prevent lines at permit stations on the reservation, the tribe will be setting up an additional permit station at the near the intersection of SR 445 and Sutcliffe Drive in Sutcliffe. Permits can also be purchased at other authorized permit vendors on the reservation and in the Reno/Sparks. For a complete listing of authorized permit vendors please visit www.pyramidlake.us. Below is a listing of the permit pricing for Pyramid Lake this season.

Day Use……………………………$6
Overnight Camping**………….$9
Daily Boating…………………….$9
Daily Jet Ski………………………$19
3 Day Overnight Camping**….$24
10 Day Camping………………… $74
**per vehicle

For additional information or questions about permits for Pyramid Lake, please log onto www.pyramidlake.us or call the Ranger Station at 775-476-1155.

Laws and regulations
The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe invites the public and their families to come out and enjoy this Fourth of July weekend at Pyramid Lake. In an effort to protect the environment of Pyramid Lake and ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable time, the following are reminders of some of the regulations that will be in effect.

  • Campfires of up to three feet in height are permitted but the burning of wood pallets and trash is strictly prohibited.
  • Dogs are welcome on the beach as long as they are secure and on leashes at all times.
  • The use of ATVs and off highway vehicles is prohibited.
  • NO glass bottles or containers are allowed on beaches.
  • NO dumping of trash, RV waste or gray water.
  • Fireworks are only permitted at Indian Head Beach, Rawhide Beach and Blockhouse.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on North Nets (Long Beach) or Marina Beach in Sutcliffe
  • Observe the “CLOSED AREAS” in Needles, the Pyramid, East Side and Marble Bluff areas.
  • Be considerate of others in campsites and in the water.
  • Stop aquatic hitchhikers; check your boat and other water equipment for invasive species.

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe would like to remind visitors that day use and overnight permits are required for each vehicle. Additionally the tribe reminds visitors to place their permits on the dashboard so that they are visible through the windshield of their vehicles.

Pyramid Lake stores
The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe will have both of its convenience stores, the I-80 Smokeshop (Wadsworth) and the Nixon Store (Nixon), open for extended hours and fully stocked for the convenience of visitors this Fourth of July weekend. The I-80 Smokeshop located off Exit 43 in Wadsworth offers gas, ice, fireworks, food, alcohol, ATM, Indian crafts, pay phone, cheap cigarettes, and all of the supplies needed. For more information about the I-80 Smokeshop please visit www.plpt.nsn.us/tstores/i80.htm. The Nixon Store is located at the intersection of State Route 447 and State Route 446 in Nixon offers gas, fireworks, food, ATM,
pay phone, and all of the supplies needed for Fourth of July weekend at Pyramid Lake. For more information about the Nixon Store please visit www.plpt.nsn.us/tstores/nixonstore.htm.

Pack in, pack out
The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe has instituted a new “Pack In Pack Out” policy for visitors to the Pyramid Lake this summer. The tribe wishes that people who visit the lake to know that it is the intention of the tribe to continue with the attraction of our lake and world renowned fishery. The tribe believes that it is a privilege to use the resources at Pyramid Lake and that it is not a right. Please be respectful of the lake and the resources, and all visitors are urged to “pack out what you pack in.”

Emergency contact numbers
All Emergencies: 911 Washoe County Dispatch: 775-574-0444
Pyramid Lake Ranger Station: 775-476-1155 Marine Distress: Channel 16

About Pyramid Lake and its people
Pyramid Lake is located about 35 miles Northeast of Reno, Nev., and is the property of and managed by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. Pyramid Lake is known as being North America’s most beautiful desert lake. The lake occupies 112,000 surface acres inside the reservation boundary and has a shoreline of approximately 125 miles. The lake has no outlet and is a residual body remaining from the prehistoric Great Lake Lahontan water body. The lake is fed primarily by the Truckee River and is famous as a fishery for the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout and Cui-ui, which are on the endangered species list. The Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation is comprised of 476,728 acres. The tribal memberships are direct descendants of the Northern Paiute people who have occupied the vast areas of the Great Basin for thousands of years. Pyramid Lake was designated as one of the first National Scenic Byways in the country and was the first scenic byway entirely on an Indian reservation. For more information about Pyramid Lake or its people please visit the Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center in Nixon or log on to www.pyramidlake.us. Follow Pyramid Lake on Twitter at
www.twitter.com/plpt Become a friend of Pyramid Lake on Facebook at www.facebook.com, search Pyramid Lake.

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