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Opinion: Rory Reid continues to bite the hand that feeds him

By ThisIsReno


Despite numerous media outlets pointing out last week that Rory Reid’s own firm, Lionel Sawyer and Collins, authored the 1997 banking bill he’s now attempting to slam Brian Sandoval with, Reid’s campaign has pressed on.

Assembly Bill 360 from the 1997 Legislative Session, the legislation used as the basis for Reid’s new attack, was actually written by Reid’s law partner and fellow lobbyist. In fact, Reid’s law partner even cites the bill as a “Notable Nevada Legislative Representatives” on the company website.

The website also touts other big banking achievements, such as the Nevada Financial Institution Division approvals of merger of First Republic Bank with Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust Co., FSB (2007), for formation of Schwab Bank, N.A. (2003), and acquisition of First Interstate Bank by Wells Fargo, N.A. (1996).

Lionel Sawyer and Collins continues to represent many major banking companies today, and as a result of his being a shareholder in the firm, Reid has actually profited from the firm’s relationships with big banks.

“As our new ad says, Rory Reid’s record gives voters a good idea of how he will lead,” Sandoval communications director Mary-Sarah Kinner said.

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