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Opinion: ‘Oops, I did it again’–Rory Reid’s attack hits own firm

By ThisIsReno


Democrat gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid is at it again. His second desperate swing at Brian Sandoval yesterday actually hit his own lobbying firm right between the eyes.

Reid propped up former President Bill Clinton this time, to attack former federal judge Brian Sandoval. Reid’s message through Clinton “hinted how Reid will soon try to paint Sandoval a (sic) candidate who would side with big banks over typical Nevada citizens.” Reid’s campaign told the Las Vegas Review-Journal it was a reference to a 1997 Nevada Assembly Bill sponsored by then-Assemblyman Brian Sandoval. The bill, dealing with banking, passed unanimously and was signed by Governor Miller.

The problem with Reid’s desperate attack this time? The lead lobbyist on the bill was Lionel Sawyer & Collins – Reid’s law firm. What’s worse for Reid is that the lobbyist cites the bill as a “Notable Nevada Legislative Representatives” on his biography and goes on to tout other big banking achievements.

The transcript including the lobbying efforts of Rory Reid’s firm can be found here.

“Not only does Rory Reid seem to have a significant problem telling the truth in this campaign, he doesn’t seem to be able to do basic research on himself,” Sandoval communications director Mary-Sarah Kinner said.

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