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Sharron Angle raises $2.29 million in 42 days



angle1-1393737-3537500In an outpouring of support from Americans in Nevada and across the nation, Sharron Angle’s grassroots U.S. Senate campaign posted $2.29 million for the June 30, 2010, report.

“I am absolutely overwhelmed that in an economy where people are hurting, they are supporting our campaign with their money and their time. That’s how much people want to retire Harry Reid,” said Angle. “I thank the people of Nevada and all of those across this great country for their financial and personal contributions. Together with this broad coalition, we are going to take back this Senate seat for the people of Nevada and remove Harry Reid for the rest of the country.”

Angle’s success with grassroots fundraising included $1,323,828.81 via web and social media alone. Over one-third of her donations have come completely unsolicited from Americans who want to retire Harry Reid.

“Never in my entire career as a fundraiser have I seen this type of momentum for a candidate in such a short period of time,” said Angle for Senate Finance Director Amanda Kornegay. “Harry Reid brags that he’s going to spend $25 million special-interest dollars to save his hide in the Senate. Sharron likes to say that she just needs a million Americans to give her $25–and it looks like she’s well on her way.”

Once the primary race heated up in late May 2010, the Angle campaign saw a spike in fundraising. Angle’s campaign received $54,546.11 per day through June 30, 2010, with an average gift equaling just $49. More than 46,000 people in Nevada and across America offered their financial support during the second quarter reporting period.

Key numbers

– Total Contributions Election Cycle-To-Date = $3,545,132.86

– Total Contributions 2nd Quarter Report (dates 5/20 – 6/30) = $2,290,936.53

– Total Contributions this Report from Individuals = $2,222,186.53

– Total Contributions this Report from PACs = $68,750.00

– Total Disbursements/Expenditures this Report = $656,773.25

– Debts & Obligations = $0

– COH at Beginning of Period = $132,016.59

– COH as of 6/30/2010 = $1,767,671.91

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