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Angle raises $14.3 million in third quarter fundraising

By ThisIsReno


The Angle campaign released third-quarter fundraising totals today that displayed an extraordinary demonstration of fundraising prowess by the former four-term assemblywoman.

“Sharron Angle has enjoyed a phenomenal three months of fundraising rarely seen anywhere, thanks to the outstanding grassroots support for Sharron Angle,” said Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy.

“Donors are especially enthusiastic that Senator Harry Reid is going to be replaced by a solid candidate that represents the people of this country and not the special interests in Washington, and they are demonstrating their excitement with their generosity.”

Stacy said nearly 200,000 donors have backed Angle’s campaign thus far and noted that 94 percent of the contributions came from donors who gave $100 or less.

“If anybody ever underestimated the power and energy of a grassroots campaign, they won’t after today,” Stacy concluded.

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