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Angle campaign unmoved by early poll numbers



angle1-3394447-1750240Jerry Stacy, spokesperson for U.S. Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle, said today that the latest polling numbers are simply a reflection of U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s pillbox-style of assault campaigning which has done little to improve Reid’s favorable ratings among Nevada citizens.

“For numerous years Harry Reid has built this war chest and has spent the last several weeks running false TV ads distorting Sharron’s record while hiding from his own, and these numbers will turn quickly again now that Sharron has had some time to raise money and is able to begin running campaign ads that will refute Reid’s false attacks and introduce the real Sharron Angle to the voters,” Stacy explained.

Stacy said that Angle is now surpassing Reid’s domination in raising funds.

“These last few weeks have shown that Sharron is actually raising cash at a faster pace than the majority leader of the United States is able to, which really speaks for itself. Since winning her primary election, Harry Reid dispatched an immediate smear crusade while the Angle campaign was busy rebuilding, but now the Angle campaign has more tools and money in place to battle back. From here on out the Angle campaign will be better equip to introduce the real Sharron Angle while reminding voters that it was Harry Reid who was in charge of piloting the economy in a nose-dive.”

Stacy recapped that he has never been moved either way by early polling numbers when up or down. “Sharron Angle has been behind in the polls before, yet you saw what happened June 8th of this year. You will see it happen again on November 2nd.”

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