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Opinion: Nevada kids agree Rory Reid is only candidate with real plan



roryreid-150x150-7492499-1149277Gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid hit the airwaves across Nevada today with the first television ad of the general election campaign. Titled “Smart Kids,” the 30-second spot focuses on education as the key to transforming Nevada’s economy.

Reid knows that bringing fundamental change to our education system is essential to building a new economy in Nevada. We need to attract dynamic new businesses to our state–but they won’t come if we do not have quality schools for children and the ability to educate the workforce needed for 21st century jobs.

“Smart Kids” features several Nevada students talking about the most important qualities to consider when choosing our next governor. The 30-second spot began airing this morning. “Smart Kids” may also be viewed on the campaign website.

Transcript—“Smart Kids”


When we choose our next governor, we should remember to ask:

Do they have the highest ethical standards?

Do they always put Nevada first?

We should remember to ask.

Do they follow their own instincts?

Do they understand that a stronger economy depends on stronger schools?

And do they have a plan to totally transform our schools?


My plans as governor are all about them. And when it comes to their education—I’ll never, ever compromise.

Released in March, Reid’s EDGE plan to transform Nevada’s education system has been praised by both Democratic and Republican leaders. It is a budget-neutral plan which cuts bureaucracy in Carson City and at the district level, moving resources directly into Nevada classrooms.

Among the proposals in “The Leading EDGE”:

— Giving responsibility to the schools. Principals should make decisions on how to use their resources, making them accountable for the success of their schools.

— Making sure standardized test scores aren’t the only measure of success. We need to measure how our educators do in improving student performance on an individual basis, over the course of the school year, instead of just looking at a snapshot of how our students are doing.

— Ensuring Nevada has world class teachers in every classroom. We need to train, attract and retain the best teachers in the country.

— Providing a choice for parents. Parents should be able to choose where to send their kids to school.

— Ending classroom micromanagement by Carson City. We must streamline bureaucracy and give responsibility for Nevada classrooms to those with the expertise to do it: teachers and principals.

Rory’s opponent Brian Sandoval’s agenda for education continues Jim Gibbons’ legacy of devastating, economy-killing cuts. This pink slip agenda shows that Sandoval does not understand the crucial link between education and economy—that we will never have a first-rate economy if we continue to accept second-rate schools.

Among the proposals in Sandoval’s pink slip agenda for education:

— Brian Sandoval wants to slash teacher salaries by 20 percent or lay off more than 5,000 teachers. That’s one in five Nevada teachers.

— Brian Sandoval wants to divert $110 million from class-size reduction programs, particularly targeting 7- and 8-year-olds.

— Brian Sandoval pushes a voucher program that would drain millions from our public schools and wouldn’t even begin to cover tuition for the average private school.

— Brian Sandoval wants a 12 percent cut to faculty and staff at our colleges and universities—that’s more than 750 professor and staff jobs lost.

Rory Reid is the only candidate for governor to offer solutions for today and a plan for Nevada’s future success—supporting strong schools for a stronger economy. For more information about his campaign or to download his plans, visit Rory2010.com.

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