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Opinion: Gibbons–The time is now for your vote



Hello Nevada Voters,

This is your governor, Jim Gibbons.

I am honored to serve you, and I am asking for your vote for re-election.

Think of this election as applying for a job. I am the only candidate with experience and leadership on my resume.

Four of the leading organizations in Nevada have come out in the past two weeks to endorse and support my campaign.

I have been supported or endorsed by both of the state’s largest tea party organizations, Grassroots Nevada and Action is Brewing (AIB).

Grassroots Nevada researched and interviewed all candidates running for governor and chose to endorse Jim Gibbons because the group felt he “best served the interests of the conservative movement” in the state.

“The Governor won our Action is Brewing’s ‘Taxpayer tested/Grassroots approved’ poll,” said Action is Brewing organizer Debbie Landis.

“Governor Gibbons has consistently exhibited pro-life principles throughout his years of political service,” said Jeremy Neil, executive director of LIFEPAC, a state political action committee for Nevada Right to Life.

“Our endorsement (for Governor Gibbons) is based on your dedication to law enforcement, homeland security, law and order and your distinguished career in pubic service,” said Ron Cuzze, President and CEO of Nevada State Law Enforcement Officers’ Association.

I am the only candidate with a track record of fighting higher taxes and fighting bigger government, while we create jobs and fix the economy.

A vote for Jim Gibbons . . . is the vote for LOWER TAXES, is the vote for SMALLER GOVERNMENT and is the vote to PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION.

God bless you and we’ll see you at the polls on Tuesday.

Warmest regards,
Jim Gibbons

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