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Reid, Ensign announce $600,000 award for UNR engineering students



WASHINGTON, D.C.–Senators Harry Reid and John Ensign today announced that the National Science Foundation has awarded $600,000 to the University of Nevada to provide scholarships and academic support to engineering students to study renewable energy. Twenty students will receive need-based four-year scholarships that average $6,500 annually.

“The future success of Nevada’s economy will be powered by the development of renewable energy. These scholarships will help Nevada students keep pace with the science and technology that is needed to harness these clean energy resources,” said Reid. “When these students graduate they will be ready for the jobs we are working to create right now and help ensure that Nevada remains a leader in renewable energy.”

“The state of Nevada is a national leader in renewable energy,” said Ensign. “It’s so important that we teach the youth of today about the great promise in renewable energy, and this scholarship money will help to ensure that our state does this. By increasing our knowledge of renewable energy, we can work to decrease our nation’s dependence on dangerous foreign oil.”

The award, made through the National Science Foundation’s Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program, will support the University’s E-Scholars program, which provides financial, academic and professional development support for engineering students interested in energy-related careers. Jeffrey LaCombe, Charles Coronella and Eric Wang will lead the scholarship program.

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