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Candidates challenge peers to support Sun Valley Food Pantry



By District 5 Commissioner Bonnie Weber

Candidates often get caught up in the big issues we hear about on the news every night, like jobs, unemployment and the like. Sometimes the issues closest to home are forgotten.

It is because of this Debbie Smith and I would like to challenge all of the candidates running for political office in our community to use their hard-earned campaign money to meet the needs of one of our hardest hit communities during this recession. We challenge each candidate to make a $50 monthly financial commitment from May through November to the Sun Valley Food Pantry through the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

Pastor Joe Barstow of H.O.P.E. Nazarene Church in Sun Valley and FBNN have stepped up to the plate, but they need our help. Until recently, the FBNN has helped to provide food to the community through a FEMA grant which has now ended. The Sun Valley Food Pantry needs at least $250 each week to meet the needs of the community, and your $50 monthly contribution will help them meet their goals and help feed the Sun Valley community.

If you want more information about the program or are willing to meet Debbie’s and my challenge, please give me a call at 544-9186. You can make a contribution to the Sun Valley Food Pantry through the FBNN at 550 Italy Drive, McCarran, NV 89434 and notate on your check that you would like your contribution to go to the SV Food Pantry at H.O.P.E. Church. For more questions, contact FBNN at 331-3663.

I hope you will join Debbie and me in our challenge to help fund the Sun Valley Food Pantry, the FBNN or other programs helping to feed Nevadans during these difficult times.

I hope on your own journeys through this campaign you will help raise awareness of this great program.

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