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New-media energy news program achieves milestone



This Week in Energy (TWiEpodcast)will be celebrating its 20th consecutive weekly episode on
Wednesday, April 14th at 17:00 UTC (10:00am PDT & 1:00pm EDT) with special guest panelists Neil Kermode of The European Marine Energy Centre and Michael Kanellos attorney, former CNET editor and current editor in chief at Greentech Media.

Each week TWiEpodcast co-founders and hosts, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield (Bristol, UK) and Bob Tregilus (Reno, Nevada, USA), feature two expert guest panelists who join them to discuss the week’s energy news headlines during their 90 minute program.

“It’s a global phenomenon, the emerging fundamental shift in how the planet’s societies produce, deliver, and consume energy,” said Bob Tregilus from his home studio in Reno, Nevada. “It’s really exciting covering the beginning of what will certainly evolve into the “Dot Energy Boom” as
we watch information technology (IT) modernize Mr. Edison’s electric grid, just as we saw IT revolutionize our communications network over the past two decades.”

John Doerr, of Kleiner Perkins and the venture capitalist behind the once secretive startup, Bloom Energy, agrees: “The energy market is $6 trillion. I like to say it’s the mother of all markets. Compared to the Internet, which is a big deal, this is much bigger, much more exciting.”

“The future of energy is something that will affect us all,” said Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, TWiEpodcast co-host and producer from LittleCollie Studios in Bristol, UK. “And it’s stunning how each week on TWiE we discover that no matter where you are on Earth that governments and people in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America are all diligently creating a new energy future.”

“The TWiEpodcast, being based in both the UK and the States, is representative of the global nature of the energy revolution!” added Gordon-Bloomfield.

The TWiEpodcast has already featured notable experts from the energy field, such as the deputy director of the Idaho National Laboratories and nuclear expert, Dr. David Hill, who was featured the week after the U.S. president’s landmark State of the Union Address where Mr. Obama told the nation “we must build a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants.”

Other guest panelists have included: Electric vehicle experts Chelsea Sexton, Mike Boxwell, Paul Scott, and Marc Geller; journalists Steven Lacey of Renewable Energy World.com and Camille Ricketts of Greenbeat; energy analyst David Murphy and petroleum geologist Art Berman of The Oil
Drum website; Tomi Engel from Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie; Pilgrim Beart, CEO of the energy monitoring company Alertme.com; American Biofuels Council CEO, Sean O’Hanlon; energy researcher John Farrell of the New Rules Project; eco-adventurer, ocean rower, activist, and Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) speaker Roz Savage, and many other informative and exciting guests have made appearances on the TWiEpodcast.

“We cover the world of energy from energy saving gadgets, appliances and applications that communicate with the utility companies and inform consumers about their energy consumption through smart-grid technologies,” said Gordon-Bloomfield, “to a variety of job opportunities in the energy space, home renewable energy generation systems, as well as the future of world oil and gas reserves and the impacts that conventional generation technologies have on water resources and the planet’s climate.”

“We’re pragmatic and honest about our energy future,” added Gordon-Bloomfield. “Bob and I don’t sensationalize the news or scaremonger as is so commonly found in both old and new media outlets these days.”

This Week in Energy (TWiEpodcast) is free to watch live each Wednesday and viewers who join the live broadcast are encourage to interact with the hosts, guests, and each other in the TWiEpodcast chatroom. Past editions of the show are also archived and maybe downloaded in either video or audio
formats for those who prefer time-shifted media. And the TWiEpodcast is available through a number of online subscription services including: Blip.TV, iTunes, AOL Video, Boxee, Roku, Podcast Alley, Google feedburner, MeFeedia, BlinkyTV, and many others.

“We really think we’ve found an important niche in the new-media world where there’s a growing raucous drone of politically charged rhetoric punctuated by narrow opinions and topics,” said Tregilus. “Each week, on TWiE, Nikki and I cover dozens of topics that collectively fall under the broad subject of what makes our modern society possible -energy.”

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