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Reid announces more than $1 million headed to Reno for scientific research


News release from Sen. Harry Reid

harryreid1-150x150-5754392-1259631WASHINGTON, D.C.—Sen. Harry Reid today announced that more than $1.1 million is headed to Reno scientists to determine what novel microorganisms and industrial and wildfire pollutants are frozen away in polar ice. Nearly $660,000 of this research funding is a direct result of the economic recovery package.

“Policy decisions regarding climate change must be guided by accurate information,” Reid said. “We are pleased that Nevada researchers are engaged in the scientific exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic as polar ice holds many clues regarding the Earth’s past and future climate as well as organisms that thrive in extreme environments.”

Drs. Joseph McConnell and Alison Murray of the Desert Research Institute will lead the two new independent research efforts. McConnell’s project will increase understanding of how short-lived aerosols, including those generated by wildfires, affect the Earth’s climate. Murray’s work—supported by economic recovery funds—will allow her team to sample the thick ice of Lake Vida in Antarctica to ascertain which microorganisms can survive in this extremely cold environment.

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