UNR Deletes Video of “Offensive” Police Conduct

The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) deleted a video that it sent to the news media last week.

The video, which was embedded as part of news stories about the incident, was inexplicably removed from YouTube.

“Due to some of the content in the traffic stop video released last week, the University feels it is appropriate to redact and blur some of the identifying information,” said UNR’s Natalie Fry.

She did not say what was redacted and deferred ThisisReno to file a public records request with the university.

UNR police originally released the video “in an effort to be open and transparent.”

Read the original story here.

Here’s a condensed video, from the UNR Sagebrush, of the footage which was taken from UNR’s now-deleted video.


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  1. Where is the offensive part? Why was this a problem? The film showed every one laughing. Wouldn’t it have been easier to remind the cops to do better with their language in the presence of women?

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