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PREVIEW: New UNR Arts Building Set to Open February 22 (Subscriber Content)


UNR Arts Building
Image: UNR

By Kylie Masznicz

The University of Nevada, Reno welcomes its newest addition to campus, the University Arts Building, scheduled to open February 22, 2019.

The building can be accessed by its entrance near the William J. Raggio building or by a sky bridge connecting it to the Church Fine Arts Building. The sky bridge offers gorgeous views of the Knowledge Center and downtown Reno for students to enjoy as they pass through or stop to study.

Some features of the new building are a gallery, recital hall, and band room. The building is focused more on recreational uses, so a limited amount of classes will be held there.

One of the activities all are welcomed to enjoy is the gallery located on the second floor. It will not be featuring student art, unlike the galleries at Church Fine Arts, but rather hold a permanent collection of indigenous art. It will be the largest collection of indigenous art in Nevada. It has more than 5,500 pieces dating as far back as 6,000 years.

Another large addition is the recital hall and band room. The rooms are all wood and designed specifically to ensure optimum sound levels. The recital hall is structured similarly to the Globe Theatre in that sound will be carried to the back without the need for microphones. The band room has intricately placed wooden panels so that there are no straight edges along the wall, allowing for the sound to bounce back rather than be absorbed.

Music is one of the main aspects of the building. In fact, the elevator is large enough to fit a grand piano, making it the largest elevator on campus. It also includes a plethora of sound-proof recording rooms for music and broadcasting uses.

The University Arts Building began construction in May 2016. It’s a welcomed addition to campus and exciting to see attention given to the arts, as it is often neglected in schools. The goal is to encourage students to discover art and be inspired by musical performances and gorgeous views.

Kylie Masznicz
Kylie Masznicz
Kylie Masznicz is a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where she studied English with a concentration in writing with a minor in Communication Studies. She writes culture pieces for ThisIsReno, but her work has also been featured on Broadway Baby and Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal. Her goal is to write a novel. She enjoys art of all forms, but chooses to express her own creativity through writing, music, and nail art. She also collects Christmas sweaters and has enough to wear one everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years.