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Barber: May 1: City Council & Redevelopment Agency Board (commentary)


From Alicia Barber’s The Barber Brief

I’ve been meeting more and more of you these days, at poetry readings and historical talks, even at the grocery store.  And we’ve been having some great chats, so if you happen to see me out in the wild, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. And remember that subscribers who receive these Briefs as emails can always just hit “reply” to send me a personal message—I promise you won’t inadvertently end up emailing thousands of strangers!

I’m going to start today with this coming week’s meetings, then move on to some newly announced projects and recent articles, and wind up with some more thoughts about those proposed Housing Initiatives that are working their way back to City Council for possible ordinance adoption.

May 1: City Council & Redevelopment Agency Board

The only City of Reno public meetings this coming week are the Reno City Council, Redevelopment Agency Board, and Reno Planning Commission, all on May 1. You can view the entire Current and Upcoming Meetings page here.

The City Council and the Redevelopment Agency Board (which is comprised of the City Council, just convening for a different role) are holding Special Meetings beginning at 10 am on Wednesday to discuss the fiscal year (FY) 2024/25 budget, fee schedule, and strategic priorities.

If you want to wade into any of that, you can start with the City Council’s Agenda and Staff Report and continue with the Redevelopment Agency Board Agenda and Staff Report. The full Tentative Budgets are linked from those Agendas, as well.

There are several projects at the Planning Commission, so let’s look at those next.

May 1: Reno Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will meet on Wednesday, May 1 at 6 pm. Here’s that agenda, which you can access for links to all the Staff Reports and materials. There are five items under the Public Hearings section, so here’s a quick rundown of those:

Item 5.1 – Lakeside Crossing Chevron

Item 5.1 involves the Chevron on Lakeside Drive just south of Moana Lane—the one with the popular Deli Towne. Its new owner wants to shift to 24-hour operation (they’re currently closed from 11 pm to 6 am).  Here’s the Google street view and a link to the Staff Report. Attachments include Case Maps and Public Comment.

Item 5.2 – Santerra-Quilici Properties Condition Amendment

Under Item 5.2, the developer wants to amend one of their conditions, deleting the requirement for a temporary residential fire station and replacing it with a requirement to contribute $300,000 to the City of Reno for a fire truck. You can read the reasoning in the Staff Report and staff is recommending approval of the amendment. Attachments include Case Maps, Prior Council and Planning Commission excerpts and minutes, Public Comment, and more.

Item 5.3 – Riverside SPD

Item 5.3 is a request to rezone the parcel at the west end of Riverside Drive (northwest of the Booth Street bridge) to create a Specific Plan District that would enable the construction of a building up to 65 feet in height with up to 180 multi-family units. Primary access would be from Riverside Drive. Here’s an image from the application (above).

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