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Barber: City to hold Nov. 1 special meeting on affordable housing efforts, code changes (opinion)


By Alicia Barber, PhD

Reno City Council recently scheduled a special November 1st “workshop” meeting, and I suspect most readers aren’t aware that it’s happening since I just learned about it myself a few days ago. But it’s an important one, as Council will be discussing and most likely directing staff to initiate the process of changing multiple City policies and procedures with an eye to facilitating more affordable housing in Reno. 

Changes to code and policy can sound a bit dry, but they have the potential to impact every neighborhood in the city. That’s why it’s important for all residents to understand precisely what’s being contemplated, in order to help determine all of their potential repercussions. The first step is simple awareness, so this Brief won’t include much analysis—mostly just information about the purpose of the meeting, the items to be discussed, and the potential actions that City Council might take.

And just to reiterate: City Council will not actually be CHANGING any sections of the City code on Wednesday; however, they will very likely direct staff to initiate the process of instigating specific changes. As a result, it’s important for any residents with an interest in these topics to express your interests, concerns, and recommendations to our representatives as soon as possible.

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