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Reno Iron Works ordered to stop construction next to SPCA animal shelter


Reno Iron Works on Wednesday was ordered to stop work on its new facility next to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter on Spectrum Boulevard.

Washoe County Second Judicial District Court Judge Kathleen Sigurdson granted a motion by the SPCA to halt construction on the Reno Iron Works facility that was filed in March.

Sigurdson previously ruled the project could proceed, and SPCA appealed the case to the Nevada Supreme Court.

“Although this Court issued an Order denying Petitioner’s original motion, this Court finds that the Petitioner has demonstrated through its pleadings and arguments during the hearing on April 11, 2023 that it has a likelihood in succeeding in its appeal,” Sigurdson wrote Wednesday. “In order to balance the equities until a final decision has been decided on appeal, this Court is hesitant to allow construction in the interim.”

Construction workers were seen at the site Thursday. 

SPCA is fighting the project because it alleges it will “suffer irreparable harm or serious injury if the stay is denied because the flattened hill, increased noise, dust, and vibrations (from construction and future daily operations) will also harm the health and safety of homeless pets housed at SPCA-NN thereby slowing their adoptions and preventing intakes of additional at-risk homeless pets from other facilities,” according to Sigurdson’s ruling.

Reno Iron Works’ attorney said the SPCA’s claims are invalid. 

“SPCA provided no competent or reliable evidence to support its noise or noise abatement claims, but Reno Iron proved the opposite with competent and reliable evidence,” William Peterson argued.

The Reno City Council approved the 40,000-square-foot factory last year despite protests by SPCA staff saying the structure would negatively impact animals.

The Reno City Attorney’s office said the city did nothing wrong, as the property is zoned from industrial use.

Bob Conrad
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