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How to style your ‘stache and then some (sponsored)


Movember advice from local businesses

The Basement at 50 South Virginia Street in Reno hosts two businesses focused on men’s grooming, and there’s no better time to polish things up than Movember. As we enter November, many men join the Movember challenge, growing out their mustaches to raise awareness (and money) for men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health, and suicide prevention. Whether you’re a seasoned ‘stache grower or new to the challenge there are some tricks of the trade to improve the quality of your whiskers and your fingers and toes. 

The Trim

The first step to a great mustache starts with the trim, just as soon as there’s enough growth to actually groom. Make sure to trim when dry- if you trim while your face is wet, the hair may become too short after your skin dries. You will initially want to start with clippers, then after a couple of weeks, move on to facial hair scissors.

“Regular bi-weekly or monthly trims are important in shape maintenance,” said Chis Mora, a barber at Beautiful Bearded Man (BBM) Barber Shop in Reno.

Just make sure to do it the right way.

“Many men, when they trim their own mustaches, will trim straight across, which does not work,” said Don Anderson, the owner of BBM and a barber himself. “It is better to taper the mustache back and bevel it for a more appealing look.”

The Tools

Don’t skimp on product, agree Mora and Anderson. Use shampoo and conditioner to keep your facial hair clean and add wax to give your ‘stache shape and shine. Pro tip: use a comb to spread your wax evenly throughout your ‘stache. 

You can also use wax to help give your mustache a little curl, if that’s the look you’re going for. Just move your wax-tipped fingers over the ends of your mustache like you are slowly snapping your fingers, and you can achieve the perfect curl.

Anderson also recommends using beard oil weekly to condition beard and mustache hair, as well as the skin beneath the beard and mustache, which also deserves a little attention.

“Without using oil, the skin beneath your beard can become scaly,” said Anderson.

He cautions against using products with castor oil. “Although castor oil can give your mustache a wet look, it doesn’t get absorbed and is not healthy for the skin and hair,” said Anderson. Instead, look for a product containing coconut oil. 

Anderson also suggests using beard balm daily, or even multiple times a day, particularly if you work outside or in a field like automobile repair. 

The Shape

Take into account your face shape and facial features when growing out your mustache. Whether you are seeking a sleek pencil mustache, or a bold and full walrus mustache, face shape and fullness of hair matters. With a square face, you may want to go with a Tom Selleck style chevron mustache, while with a round face you may want to opt for a horseshoe shape, a la Hulk Hogan.  

The Hands

The colder winter months we are entering can be harsh on skin, not just on the face, but the hands, as well. While many men focus on their face and ‘stache during Movember, it is also important to keep your hands looking sharp. Professional maintenance of men’s hands, feet and nails is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the rise of male-focused nail salons like BBM Nail Lounge.

Clean nails and pushed-back cuticles are key steps in hand health and aesthetic. By pushing back your cuticles, you can prevent hangnails and dried out cuticles. Want to go the extra mile? Use cuticle oil to push back your cuticles- it’s super effective while in the steamy shower. BBM Nail Lounge owner and operator Diana Tibaduza recommends coconut or almond oil for the most moisturizing results. Sunblock on your hands, even in winter, as well as regular manicures and pedicures will help prevent dryness and cracking.

“Add a paraffin treatment to your mani/pedi for an extra boost in moisture. Paraffin wax acts as a form of heat therapy that can help increase blood flow and soothe sore joints and muscles,” said Tibaduza.

The Purpose

Movember is not just about creating a look- it is also about creating awareness and raising money. While your face may have some new fur, and your nails may have new shine and moisture, don’t forget to focus on the issues. 

Men’s health needs this attention and fundraising to save and extend lives. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society (cancer.org). About 1 man in 41 will die of prostate cancer. Globally, suicide rates in men are just over twice as high as for women, and we lose about one man per minute due to suicide. Looking at men’s health through a male lens, Movember aims to create awareness and raise money to fund research on these issues. Please go to movember.com for more information.

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