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Boom for whom? A panel discussion about Reno’s future (video)


Reno is changing. Everywhere you look, monumental construction looms overhead, rent and housing prices have skyrocketed, and the Biggest Little City is feeling the pangs of growth, which, for many of those who live here, are accompanied by ambivalence and uncertainty.

This panel discusses who benefits from Reno’s boom and how some local media cover it.

Alicia Barber, local historian and author of ‘Reno’s Big Gamble,’ as well as the Barber Brief, Bob Conrad, editor-in-chief of This Is Reno, and Nico Colombant, organizer of grassroots street journalism outlet Our Town Reno, were on hand for the discussion.

The panel was moderated and kept on task by activist and organizer Lily Baran.

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