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Reno court offers forgiveness for traffic, minor misdemeanor warrants


Officials with the City of Reno this week said many people with outstanding traffic or minor misdemeanor warrants could request forgiveness from Reno Municipal Court. Requests for forgiveness will only be accepted through Sept. 30 of this year.

Defendants have to call Reno Municipal Court to request forgiveness and will still need to pay the original fine and fees, along with collections and late fees. Payments also need to be made using a credit card.

For those who cannot pay, they can go to the courthouse at 1 South Sierra Street and ask for their fines and fees to be converted to community service. 

Officials said in addition to dismissing the warrant, the forgiveness program could save people up to $250 per outstanding warrant. 

Those with warrants still on the books after Sept. 30 may face arrest.

“Following the conclusion of this warrant forgiveness program, an aggressive push to serve warrants will be conducted by the Reno Municipal Court’s Marshal Unit,” city officials said. “Warrant service will result in the defendant’s arrest, which may take place at any time and any location, including the defendant’s home, school, or workplace.”

Reno Municipal Court Judge Shelly O’Neill said in addition to arrest, defendants can face a handful of other negative consequences including driver’s license suspension and inclusion on a criminal history report.

Those seeking to resolve their outstanding warrants through this program must call Reno Municipal Court at 775-334-2290.

Source: City of Reno

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