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Senate reverses parts of 2019 police reform bill, removes protections for officers under investigation

By Lucia Starbuck
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Lawmakers in the Nevada Senate passed a controversial measure to remove protections for law enforcement officers.

For context, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, (D-Clark County), sponsored Senate Bill 242, which passed and went into law. SB242 provides certain rights to law enforcement officers under investigation, during the regular legislative session in 2019. SB2 will repeal some of the right…

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Senate reverses parts of 2019 police reform bill, removes protections for officers under investigation
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Vicki Carlson August 6, 2020 - 8:39 am

What a travesty. Sure, during this most trying times, pass a bill (SB2) which will further hobble our police officers. As if they don’t have enough on their minds while trying to maintain the peace from interlopers demonstrating here in Reno from places like Visalia, California. I support the police 100% and this will further disable their effectiveness. This legislature is out of control. Shame on you all.

Paul Clayton August 5, 2020 - 4:21 pm

Wow! I had to read the quote by one of those opposing the bill to see that it was passed along party lines during the ‘Special (I would say, Secret) legislative session. Why are bills of such importance being passed in secret sessions where the public are not allowed to attend? And all the ‘public spokespeople’ in favor of the legislation, seem to have some kind of political bias to the Left. The ACLU ‘used to be’ a reputable organization’ but it was compromised during the Obama administration and is not a democrat advocacy organization. The ACLU does NOT speak for me. And nobody that I know voted for the ACLU. Now that the democrats have the Governorship and the State house, are rulings and bill being decided in Special (I would say, Secret) sessions? This does not seem like democracy to me. I think it’s disgusting if not illegal.

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