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New mural adorns Tahoe’s East Shore Bike Path

By ThisIsReno
Artists cut the ribbon on a new mural at Lake Tahoe's East Shore Trail.

By Ryan McGinnis

Last Friday, a community mural arts project commissioned by the Tahoe Fund and a host of other community-driven organizations had its official ribbon-cutting ceremony. The completed project blends a colorful sway of day and night imagery of Tahoe’s mountain landscapes.

Tyler Rivenbark and Frida Ticehurst-Rivenbark, a husband and wife team, painted the mural with help from students at Lake Tahoe School in Incline Village. The project totaled just under two weeks of hard work — and the resulting installation brought a fresh artistic perspective to a pathway that’s already naturally stunning.

“Our intent with this art piece is to convey the natural beauty of this region,” said Tyler and Frida Rivenbark, in a Tahoe Fund press release. “We want to remind people of the gift we all share by living or visiting this region, amplifying the sense of belonging, and encouraging participation in keeping this place beautiful and full of enjoyment.”

Find the mural along Tahoe’s East shore bike path, which connects Incline Village to Sand Harbor State Park. 

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