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Senate Republicans shoot down bill that would have brought in nearly $55 million from mining industry

By Lucia Starbuck
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Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen, and her husband, state Senator Ira Hansen take a selfie outside the legislature on the ninth day of the 31st Special Session in Carson City on Thursday, July 16, 2020. (Pool Photo by David Calvert/Nevada Independent)

By Lucia Starbuck and Jeri Davis

Nevada lawmakers have spent the last few days of special session looking for ways to collect additional revenue to offset the $1.15 billion deficit in the state’s general fund before making a final decision on Assembly Bill 3, which cuts hundreds of millions of dollars from health services and education. 

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Senate Republicans shoot down bill that would have brought in nearly $55 million from mining industry
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Laura Hale July 17, 2020 - 2:20 pm

The Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity group masquerading as poor working people of Nevada is Trumpian in its level of duplicity. The Nevadans who are suffering most are the ones who would be helped by raising taxes on the mining industry. To be clear, no one is proposing to raise taxes on poor working Nevadans, and the corporate extractors are anything but poor.

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