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A case for a candidate with common sense and mutual respect for Congress (opinion)


Submitted by Steven M. Schiffman, JD, LLM
(Candidate, U.S. Congress, Primary Election 2020, Democrat, Nevada Congressional District 2)


The polarizing attitudes and ideology that have taken over the American political environment — as witnessed in recently-held political debates and rallies, nationwide — are a danger to traditional American democratic values of diversity and respect of the “marketplace of ideas,” where people are not listening to each other, where respect for diversity is lacking, where the prevailing political attitude seems to be “my way or the highway.”

With the exception of that brief glimmer of Congressional cooperation when drafting and debating the recently passed $2 trillion stimulus bill, Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act), party politics was placed on hold and replaced by common sense and mutual respect. Unfortunately, such an approach is missing on a daily basis, often replaced by polarization and party politics “as usual.”

It is time to bring common sense and mutual respect back to Congress and Washington, D.C. The CARES Act is proof that such a shift in approach can happen, where it was supported unanimously and passed by the Senate on March 25, 2020, and passed on March 26, 2020 in the House via voice vote and signed into law by President of the United States Donald Trump on March 27.  

The people of Northern Nevada deserve a representative who has respect for diversity of political opinion, for consensus on common sense solutions; where honesty, respect, integrity and ethics are the political norms and not the exceptions to the rule.

In other words, we need to elect for Congressional District 2 a candidate of moderation, integrity and pragmatism; somebody who seeks out consensus and compromise — while being both honest and loyal to one’s own core principles, ethics and beliefs.

Specifically, the people of Northern Nevada deserve a candidate who is willing to co-sponsor legislation with Republicans; working together for a pragmatic solution; a person puts aside party labels and focuses on the issues. History has shown that consensus politics passes successful and widely accepted legislation; dogmatic ideologues only generate mistrust and chaos that fail to unite the American people.

I offer a vision of growth and progress but with a dose of realism. Social change comes from within the person; not to be forced upon by political ideologues of either the left or right-wingers. I offer the voters a perspective of global issues based on my own experience in the spheres of rule of law and jobs-generating economic development.

In terms of experience, I offer a demonstrated track-record of ability and willingness to listen to what folks are actually concerned about — rather than just hearing during political campaign time! I have demonstrated a respect for diversity of opinion, as well as being fair and compassionate with those in need or seeking assistance.

In the final analysis, the people of North Nevada deserve a candidate who offers badly needed common sense and mutual respect in Congress, hopefully with actual experience in legislation and human rights, as represented by this candidate, Steven Mitchel Schiffman.

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