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August Recess: Where is Representative Amodei? (Opinion)


U.S. Congressman Mark Amodei.

Submitted by Briant Gibb

Are more Republican representatives from around the country being evasive with their constituents? Mark Amodei is our representative for Congressional District 2 (CD2), which comprises Washoe, Pershing, Storey, Lyon, Churchill, Douglas, Eureka, Elko, Humboldt, Lander Counties and the State Capital, Carson City.

Briant Gibb

He finds it safer to attend veteran memorial luncheons, or private rotary club meetings that salute an out-of-touch, moribund party, while a broad political band of his constituency i stonewalled, ignored, and frankly, disrespected.

This is not an elective representation in government. More accurately it is Rep. Amodei currying favor with his hyper-partisan base accepting unscrupulous lobbying bribes on the side.

As one of his constituents, I have walked into his Reno and Washington D.C. office, emailed, and called for a response from the Congressman or a least a public event, to no avail. I know I am not alone. Many others have called in on countless occasions to beseech his staff for a meeting with the Congressman just to be shined on or deferred to the waste bin.

Upon further investigation of Amodei’s bill sponsorship, I was left dumbfounded. Not only do those bills he has sponsored represent provincial rural areas in economic conservation and development, postal needs, or just plain sentimentality, he has not tackled more pressing issues in CD2 like homelessness, affordable housing, corporate taxation, tourism, and a host of others.

For a representative who speaks for a huge swath of land and people with differing priorities, he is hard to track down unless you find him in a wine bar or cigar shop discussing mining or national defense spending.

We should be disabused at the words of Thomas Jefferson: “When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty.”

Briant Gibb is a teacher in the Reno area who is married and has two children. He is also an independent writer, poet, songwriter and artist.

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