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City Orders Artists to Paint Over Downtown Mural

By Bob Conrad
The 2017 Mural Expo. Image by Ty O'Neil.

The City of Reno is demanding local artists paint over a mural that was added downtown during last year’s mural festival. The city said that the artists did not have permission to put the mural at the Plaza and Lake Street location across from the bus depot.

“Art Spot Reno didn’t have the correct permission for this mural commissioned during the Reno Mural Expo last October — we thought we did — and was threatened with a fine and jail time,” said Geralda Miller of Art Spot Reno. “By order of the City of Reno, we will be returning the wall to its original beautiful beige color this Saturday at 1 p.m.”

The community is invited to participate in the flat beige paint-over.

“In true Tom Sawyer-style, you’re invited to be part of the process,” Miller said. “We’ll have paint, brushes, and rollers on hand and welcome your assistance. The artist, Asa Spades, will be applying the first strokes. Music (will be provided) by Spike McGuire, (and) coverall attire encouraged.”

City spokesperson Jonathan Humbert said the mural project never received permission from the city and the National Bowling Stadium.

“In mid-November of last year, the artist group was notified that this well-intentioned project sadly isn’t allowed and the stadium walls would need to be returned to their original color by the end of the 2018 Artown Festival,” he said. “Because the group did not follow the Public Art Proposal process, per R.M.C. 8.22.240, the city does not allow the painting of property without permission and we must have consistent policy enforcement to be fair to everyone.

“The City of Reno appreciates the efforts and progress of our arts community,” he added.

The Saturday “whitewashing” is listed as an Artown event: https://artown.org/event-details.asp?ID=3499



cl dickinson July 19, 2018 - 8:29 pm

LOL… But of course…. The Government didnt PAY a few tens of thousands for a metal plate with holes in it, or something just as “arty”…. Why, you cant just have FREE art showing up in public places… it just isnt done…

David Tscheekar, portrait painter & muralist July 19, 2018 - 1:30 pm

Geralda Miller, of Art Spot Reno, is my personal hero due to her response to the City of Reno to destroy & cover up the beautiful mural at the National Bowling Alley, that was originally believed was granted permission to be used for a mural.
Her response, below, is WHY Ms. Miller, is my personal hero:
“By order of the City of Reno, we will be returning the wall TO ITS ORIGINAL BEAUTIFUL BEIGE COLOR this Saturday at 1 PM. (Emphasis added).

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