City Selects Law Firm to Sue Opiate Manufacturers

Image: U.S. Marine Corps / Wikimedia Commons / public domain image.
Image: U.S. Marine Corps / Wikimedia Commons / public domain image.

The Reno City Council today selected the law firm of Eglet Price of Las Vegas to sue manufacturers of opiates.

Reno is seeking “litigation to recover monetary damages for the negative impacts of opioids,” according to city staff.

The selection of Eglet Price comes with local firm Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney, which will be the city’s contact in the suit. Eglet Price was the top-rated firm, of four, by city staff.

Clark County, which is also using Eglet Price, has initiated litigation against opiate manufacturers, similar to how tobacco companies were sued in the ’90s by 46 states.

But, the city’s action goes against the wishes of Nevada’s Attorney General, Adam Laxalt, who wants to address the issue at the state level.

“While this office commends the determination to protect Reno residents, we continue to believe Nevada is best positioned in the bipartisan multistate effort of 40 attorneys general,” said Monica Moazez, Laxalt’s spokesperson. “We hope that any lawsuits by local jurisdictions do not unintentionally undermine our ongoing bipartisan investigation.”

The city’s litigation efforts could be combined with Clark County and may take many years to be resolved. Legal costs will be assumed by the law firms, which will get 25 percent of any settlement or judgment, in addition to attorney fees, according to city staff.

The City of Reno would then get paid a portion of the payout.


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