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Cheri Hill Hosts CatalystLIVE! Exclusive Entrepreneur Program

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11-Week Class Builds Skills for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Cheri Hill

World-recognized business expert Cheri Hill will host CatalystLIVE! Reno Business Class, a special educational series for entrepreneurs and small business owners starting Feb. 8. The class, designed for entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners, will teach attendees about characteristics and strategies that all successful businesses have and how to apply them.

“I wish I was able to take a class like this when I was first starting out in business,” Hill said. “I love helping business owners and entrepreneurs garner the success they desire, it’s a great way for me to give back to the community.”

The class is packed with useful information and full of real world best practices. Hill has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. She worked with thousands of business owners and shares her wisdom, knowledge, insights, and strategies to be successful in business. She is also the host of a weekly radio program called “The Cheri Hill Show: Business Amplified.”

The program cost is $395 and is Feb. 8 through April 19, every Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Reno. To register for the class, call 775-786-5515 or visit www.RenoBusinessClass.com.

“Cheri’s class is a must-do class, especially for the new business owner or entrepreneur,” said, Geri McHam, President of The Estate Planning Source LLC. “I’ve taken her class twice so far, and will take it again, as each series brings new insight. Her original thinking, thinking outside the box, thinking of things you haven’t even conceived yet, and all the practical ideas and concepts discussed in the class are invaluable, as are the very interesting, original thinkers she has come in to speak on specialized topics.”

About Cheri Hill

Cheri S. Hill, “Wealth Protection Diva” has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner/premier business strategist for the past 25 years as President & CEO of Sage International, Inc. With over 30,000 national/global clients Cheri has mastered the art of teaching entrepreneurs how to effectively start, grow and expand a successful business. Her understanding of every facet of what it takes to create, grow and sustain a successful company are current as she keeps up with business changes and trends that matter. This status combined with exceptional presentation skills has allowed Cheri to become one of the most sought-after creative mentors to business owners. To experience more visit us at www.sageintl.com.



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