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VIDEO: Mesa Rim Opens New Climbing Gym In Reno


Mesa Rim opened in Reno on Saturday. Image: Dana Nollsch.
Mesa Rim officially opened Saturday its newest gym in Reno, adding to the two climbing gyms it already operates in the Southern California.

Boasting 25,000 square feet of climbing with 50-foot-tall climbing walls, Mesa Rim is a very impressive facility.

This is a large climbing gym with lots of variety of terrain and climbing disciplines. Climbing is the main focus for Mesa Rim but it also offers a yoga studio and fitness equipment.

Mesa Rim joins Rocksport (Reno’s oldest climbing gym) and Base Camp (offering the world’s tallest artificial wall) to serve the ever-growing northern Nevada climbing community. Mesa Rim is by far the largest of the three gyms.

Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and is very popular in many other parts of the world. With over 400 climbing gyms in the US, this is a serious sport indeed.

With so many world-class climbing areas within a short drive of Reno, the climbing community in the area is very solid and tight, and they are always looking for a place to hone their skills for the adventure of climbing outdoors. Donner, Tahoe, and Bishop are just three of the outdoor climbing areas within an easy drive from Reno.

There are also many who prefer to climb in a gym setting. The controlled and safe environment of a climbing gym attracts more and more people to the sport every day. I have been climbing off and on for several decades and always found the climbing community to be welcoming and friendly.

At the preview of Mesa Rim a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking to Mike Helt, the head route setter for the new gym. I found his philosophy on setting routes to be spot-on. With his 20 years of experience I have no doubt that the routes will be fun and challenging.

If you are a climber or just thinking of checking out the sport for the first time you have lots to choose from. And did I tell you that kids love climbing gyms? They do.

Check out the video below for a taste of what Mesa Rim is offering.

Dana Nollsch
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