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Reno Works Program Gets $50,000 In City Funds To Help The Homeless


Image: City of Reno video screen grab.
Image: City of Reno video screen grab.

The Reno City Council approved a contract today for $50,000 to administer the Reno Works program with the Volunteers of America (VOA).

Reno Works aims to get the homeless full-time jobs and housing assistance. The $50,000 will come out of city’s general fund for case management and to operate the program.

Councilwoman Neoma Jardon said the program has a successful track record.

“We have had an incredible success rate. There’s been a few individuals that have slipped back into (a) homeless situation, but the vast majority have been doing great,” she said.

Up to 12 people are expected to be in the class for 10 weeks. City staff said that from the previous four classes, 82 percent of participants graduated with a steady income.

Pat Cashell of VOA said he was grateful for the funds.

“This is going to be our best class — I guarantee it,” he added.

The program is seeking outside donations to help pay for future classes. Information: http://www.reno.gov/government/departments/community-development-department/housing-neighborhood-development/homeless-programs/reno-works

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