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VIDEO: Numaga Pow Wow Celebrates Its 30th Year

By Dana Nollsch

Over Labor Day weekend thousands of spectators and hundreds of competitors came together north of Reno in Hungry Valley, just off of Pyramid Highway, for the 30th Numaga Indian Days Pow Wow.  

There was drumming, dancing, hand games, and a running competition. This was my second year covering the Pow Wow and the energy of this event is remarkable. There were more than 200 competitors ranging from toddlers to 50 years and older.  

This is a nationally acclaimed Pow Wow and included a drum contest and a $10,000 prize. It’s also an event that I highly recommend. 

Check out the video that includes the grand entrance and a drum team.  

Oh, did I mention the delicious Indian tacos?

Credit: Dana Nollsch

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