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REPORT: Cal-Neva Parking Garage Needs $5 million in Improvements


From the Carl Walker report: “Like Level 5, Level 7 is constructed as a roof deck utilizing a waterproofing membrane on the structural slab covered by a concrete wear course. The concrete topping contains widespread and significant cracking, heaving, and freeze-thaw damage. Some of the concrete topping has turned to gravel exposing the waterproof membrane. The condition of the concrete topping at Level 7 has significantly changed for the worst.”

The Reno City Council is reviewing a report for tomorrow’s meeting that details the condition of the Cal-Neva Casino parking garage. The city is considering buying the garage for $10.

The garage needs upwards of $5 million in repairs to bring it from “poor to fair” to good condition, according to a report by Carl Walker, Inc. (page 583).

The $5 million is up from a previous estimate of $4,570,000. The added costs don’t include more than $700,00 for ADA and other improvements.

It would also cost $300,000 per year to operate.

According to the city’s staff report, the new report does not significantly change the known condition of the facility as discussed in past council meetings.

City staff are recommending that the City Council approve purchase the building for $10.
Bob Conrad
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