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Highlights from today’s Reno City Council meeting



cityofreno-189x300-8461551-9615630Today the Reno City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting. Below are some highlights from the meeting.

• Agenda Item E.4
The City Council approved a contract with Granite Construction Company for the 2013 Neighborhood Street Rehabilitation Program – Unit A in an amount not to exceed $2,220,220. Unit A consists of seven streets that are scheduled for rehabilitation. These streets have been identified as badly damaged streets, typically 20 to 40 years old. For these streets, the existing surface will be removed entirely and a new asphalt surface will be placed. In some areas, curbs, gutters and sidewalks will be replaced at the same time. Once the rehabilitation treatment is complete it is expected to last approximately 20 years.

In order to reduce future costs that would be associated with re-paving, sewer rehabilitation in Unit A will begin first (will begin in April 2013) with the street rehabilitation work following in May 2013.

• Agenda Item E. 5
The City Council approved a contract to Bison Construction Company for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades to the concession area and bathrooms at the Reno Sports Complex in an amount not to exceed $95,500.

A second phase of ADA improvements is currently in design and expected to be completed in 2015. These improvements will include an accessible parking area and an accessible route from the parking area to the fields, restrooms, and concession.

• Agenda Item H. 1
The City Council approved a resolution donating $15,000 to Artown for sponsorship of the opening and closing nights of the 2013 festival in Wingfield Park by the Reno Arts and Culture Commission. The Reno Arts and Culture Commission founded Uptown, Downtown, Artown in 1996 and has remained a sponsor of the opening night of Artown since that time.

On Nov. 7, 2012, the Reno City Council approved a sponsorship agreement in the amount of $125,000 to Artown for fiscal year 2012-13 to produce the July 2013 festival. Artown is a month-long festival bringing both local residents and visitors into the downtown core area in addition to a variety of venues throughout the city and region.

For fiscal year 2012-2013, the Reno City Council outlined arts, culture and special events as one of its priorities with the focus of providing quality of life for our residents, growing our current tourism base and attracting new visitors.

• Agenda Item J.5

The Reno City Council approved a total of $36,691 in special event sponsorship funding allocation to the following events:

2013 Battle Born Derby Demons Roller Derby Series – $3,400
2013  DMW Making the Grade – $1,500
2013 Kiwanis Family Fun Fair – $668
2013 Reno Earth Day – $3,600
2013 MS Walk – $773
2013 Juneteenth – $750
2013 Leprechaun Chase – $3,000
2013 Reno Bike Project Bike Swap – $300
2013 Reno Roses and Floral Art Competition – $1,200
2013 Compression! Art and Fire – $2,000
2013 (Pre-Zombie Crawl) Massive Thriller Dance Under the Arch – $3,500
2013 Nevada Humane Society Duck Race – $1,000
2013 Art Paws – $1,500
2013 Halloween Hallow – $1,000
2013 Granventure Sports Festival – $2,500
2013 Great Reno Balloon Race – $10,000

The Special Events Sponsorship Committee, made up of area residents and business leaders, and the Special Events Subcommittee of the Reno City Council recommended the funding allocation to these events receiving $10,000 or less in in-kind sponsorship.

Events requesting $10,000.01 or greater of in-kind sponsorship are anticipated to be presented to the Reno City Council for consideration on March 13.

For fiscal year 2012-2013, the Reno City Council outlined arts, culture and special events as one of its priorities. The city of Reno encourages community events that add quality of life for our residents and visitors. The city of Reno strives to protect and add both regional and local special events which will grow the current tourism base and attract new visitors.

• Agenda Item K.1
The Reno City Council approved several appointments for boards and commissions. Here is a list of some of the appointments:

Downtown Police Special Assessment District Committee: Jim Gallaway
Ward Four Northeast Neighborhood Advisory Board: Scott Catron
Recreation and Parks Commission: Benjamin (David) Cisneros
Urban Forestry Commission: Roderick Haulenbeek
Ward One Southwest Neighborhood Advisory Board: Matt Johnson and Susan Burkhamer

The city of Reno continues to look for enthusiastic citizens to gain leadership experience and volunteer for Reno by serving on boards and commissions. For more information about the latest opportunities to serve or for a complete list of a complete list of all boards and commissions and appointments contact the City Clerk’s Office at 334-2030.

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