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City announces online payroll database


cityofreno-150x150-4232008-9406192Reno City Manager Andrew Clinger announced Tuesday that the City of Reno is the first government agency in Nevada to provide complete payroll information online. The application, accessible through www.reno.gov/open is the latest addition to the City’s transparency initiative. It provides payroll information by department and by individual City employee for the public to see.

“The data is accurate, up to date and easy to understand,” explained Clinger. “Salary is listed in one column, the value of employees’ benefits in another, and a third provides the sum for the total cost of that employee or department.”

The default view for the application is the current calendar year, featuring year-to-date information. Users can also select previous years going back to 2009 to view a full year’s worth of data. The information is sortable by employee name, position title, salary amount, value of benefits and total employee cost.

“Eighty percent of all City expenditures go to employee wages and benefits,” added Clinger, “so this information is important to the taxpayers.”

Other components of the City’s transparency initiative include the online checkbook feature, business license database, call data for Police and Fire, the Green Energy Dashboard, Wind Energy data and map, and GIS Mapserver data, all available online. In addition to electronic transparency City Hall itself is now more accessible from a breezeway on the third floor of the Cal-Neva free parking garage and through the First Street entrance doors.

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