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Reno city manager presents State of the City



This evening, in front of an audience filled with residents, businesses, civic groups and community leaders, Reno City Manager Andrew Clinger presented the State of the City Address.

This was the first State of the City Address from Clinger since he became the city manager in June 2011. “From now on this will be an annual occurrence,” advised Clinger. “One of the hallmarks of my leadership to date has been a fundamental commitment to transparency and accountability. I believe that good government should be open government and that open government requires regular and frank communication.”

The address highlighted fiscal year 2011-2012, outlined the upcoming fiscal year and looked at what the future years hold. Clinger advised the city’s budget is balanced for the first time in five years and includes no employee layoffs, no program eliminations and stabilized reserves.

Clinger explained the budget is lean but still funds core city services related to public safety and economic development in addition to funding programs that contribute to our community’s quality of life.

Clinger advised the city has reviewed its programs and practices along with looking for new efficiencies and innovations. At the direction of City Council and under the direction of Clinger, several departments have been realigned to focus on accountability and sustainability; significant wage and benefit reductions have been reached with many of the city’s collective bargaining groups; departments continue to examine core services and identify ways to deliver those services more efficiently and effectively; city operations are now streamlined and performance driven and the organization has become more strategy focused.

Clinger also addressed the challenges the city faces. One challenge is the city’s long-term debt. “We will continually monitor our bonds and work with the bond holders to ensure the commitments made by the city are kept and we are meeting our obligations,” said Clinger.

Another important challenge Clinger addressed is the unfunded liabilities. “We need to carefully analyze and potentially revisit how our benefits are structured so that the city will have a sound fiscal base as we move into the future,” said Clinger. “Our long-term sustainability is crucial to provide citizens with the essential services they need.”

To further the city of Reno’s commitment to open government and transparency, the city launched several new initiatives this year to give residents unprecedented access to information about their local government and has plans for more access in the near future. These initiatives include the Online Checkbook (launched in February 2012); a soon to be launched tool which will provide city employees’ salary and benefits; by the end of the summer a more open city hall with a one stop permit shop for our residents and business owners; and an upcoming on-line tool that will provide residents access to information about how well each of the city’s programs meets the community’s goals.

Clinger wrapped up the address by highlighting upcoming projects such as the rehabilitation of Moana Springs to a multi-use sports complex; the restoration of the former Northgate golf course into open space and a city park; the renovation and restoration of the historic downtown post office to a vibrant commercial center; the Virginia Street Bridge replacement project and Apple’s $1 billion investment over 10 years with a new a data center and business center.

Clinger stated, “From now on, the question becomes: how do we re-grow?  What does our community want its city government to be? What should we focus on this year, next year and five years from now?”

The city of Reno’s Annual Report for fiscal year 2011-2012 can be found by visiting www.reno.gov/annualreport.

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