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Five Star Premier Residences of Reno presents Jon Sanchez: Seeking Yield in Today’s Low-Yielding Environment


Fixed income investors are frustrated!  They feel that the Fed is stopping them from earning a decent yield in their passbook savings accounts, money market accounts and CDs.  After all, the Fed has said they do not intend to raise interest rates until 2014.  So what is an investor to do?

Join radio show host and TV personality, Jon G. Sanchez, CEO of Sanchez Wealth Management, LLC, An SEC Registered Investment Advisor firm, who manages over $130 million in client assets, to learn where you can find yield in today’s low-yielding environment.

Areas of discussion will be:

  • The current interest rate environment:  Where are rates now and where are they going?
  • How to find yield in both the government and corporate bond market
  • How bonds work and what to avoid
  • What to do if your expenses exceed your income each month
  • How to create multiple sources of income

DATE:  TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012
TIME:  10:30AM
LOCATION:  Five Star Premier Residences of Reno, 3201 Plumas Street, Reno, NV
RSVP:  (775) 829-6324

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