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Roberson says Legislature should not abdicate tax policy to initiative process



State Sen. Michael Roberson (R – Henderson) said today that ballot initiatives which seek to raise taxes destabilize the state’s budget process and could transform Nevada into another California, where the initiative process has damaged the Legislature’s ability to control spending and enact sensible tax policy. 

Roberson said the Nevada Legislature should not abdicate tax policy to the initiative process.

“The frustration that has led citizens to pursue changes in Nevada’s tax policy is real because in the past Nevada legislators have not taken the issue seriously,” said Roberson.

“During the last legislative session, the Democratic leadership in the Senate and Assembly refused to discuss or debate tax reform with Republicans from either chamber,” said Roberson.  “Instead, the Democratic leadership waited until late in the session to announce their plan to enact the largest tax increase in Nevada history.   Fortunately, Gov. Brian Sandoval and Republicans in the Nevada Legislature defeated the historic tax increase.”

Roberson said the lack of a rigorous debate on the state’s tax policy in the Nevada Legislature has created an environment where citizens feel the need to enact their own tax policy through the ballot box.

“If we are going to stop Nevada from becoming another California, the Nevada Legislature must be willing to openly discuss and debate the tough issues of taxation and spending,” said Roberson.  “I am committed to leading that discussion in the Nevada Legislature.  Rather than relying on ballot initiatives to replace the hard, but necessary work of legislating, I call on my fellow legislators to join me in discussing and debating tax and spending policy now and throughout the next legislative session.”

Roberson said he opposes any form of a job-killing income tax on Nevada businesses and will work to enact tax and spending policies that help grow our economy.

“As a strong supporter of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s pragmatic approach to balancing the state budget while holding the line on government spending, I am confident that we will rise to the challenge and enact pro-growth policies that Nevadans will support.”

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