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City of Reno sets priorities for upcoming fiscal year



Today, the Reno City Council held its strategic planning session for fiscal year 2012-2013, creating strategies that foster economic progress and stability along with identifying and prioritizing value-added community programs.

The Reno City Council establishes annual priorities that are short-term goals for the city. These short-term goals are intended to enable the city to attain long-term goals and achieve the council’s vision for the city.

The City Council adopted six priorities for fiscal year 2012-2013 (which begins July 1, 2012):
1. Financial Management to create fiscal strategies that foster economic progress and stability.
2. Economic Development that includes working with all regional partners in both the public and private sector.
3. Public Safety to include core police and fire services, infrastructure such as the Virginia Street Bridge, and automatic and mutual aid agreements.
4. Arts, Culture and Special Events
5. Senior and Youth Services
6. Accessibility

City Manager Andrew Clinger presented strategies to help in meeting the priorities:
• Develop a detailed plan to fund core services
• Develop an asset management approach
• Debt management plan that prioritizes various bonds and develops a consolidation plan
• Construct plan to fund liability funding and reserve replenishment
• Reduction of future employee liability

“I’ve spent a lot of time and energy analyzing the city’s and the region’s current financial situation, dealing with the critical finance issues and developing strategies to get the city on track to achieve financial stability,” advised Clinger.

Clinger outlined some challenges the city will face such as reserve levels, declining revenues, increasing costs, debt, unfunded liabilities, maintaining core service levels, unanticipated expenditures, fire deconsolidation, and regional economy and image. Please see the attached of today’s presentation.

“Now is the time to take bold steps and a strong stand toward establishing financial stability over the long term, as we start preparing for a long, slow recovery,” advised Clinger. “This challenge can be met with a strategic, methodical approach, showing us areas of weakness while keeping our eye on the quality and continuity of our core services.”

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