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Silver Springs/Stagecoach students have new resource bank



A new Silver Stage Resource Bank that will begin operating this month will assist students in the Silver Springs schools who need financial help obtaining some of the things that their families and other groups cannot provide.

The Silver Stage Resource Bank can help with items like class lab and equipment fees for science, math, art, school clubs, band and woodshop. Also included is coverage of costs for sports physicals, gym, team and other items, such as prom dresses, shoes and tuxedo rentals.

How does it work?
The referral process is simple, cost-effective and confidential: teachers, nurses, counselors, coaches and clergy make “third party” referrals outlining the needs, and the task force addresses the student’s needs with no paperwork and no compromise of student privacy.

The resource bank is a project of the Silver Stage Community Task Force, which has raised funds through a recent 5K Run at Lahonton and through a donation of $1,000 in Walmart cards from Healthy Communities Coalition. Every penny of the funds raised for the Silver Stage Resource Bank directly benefits Silver Springs area school children. There are no administrative costs. The task force is planning additional fundraisers for the year and always welcomes new members and volunteers.

For more information about the task force and the resource bank, please call Silver Stage Community Task Force leader Cara Childs at 315-2990.
Donations to the resource bank are tax deductible and can be made to Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey at www.healthycomm.org.

What is the Silver Stage Community Task Force?
Silver Stage Community Task Force members and the Resource Bank are valued partners of Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey. The task force meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. at the Silver Springs Community Center. The coalition includes community task forces, Stand Tall alcohol and other drug use prevention teams, Community Roots nonprofit nursery, Silver Stage Food Co-Op, Silver Stage Food Pantry, Dayton Food Pantry and over 100 local, county, state, tribal and federal groups all working together on a collaborative agenda to promote health and wellness and to end poverty and substance abuse in the region.

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