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Free medical services event for under-insured to be explained during meeting at Fernley City Hall

By ThisIsReno


FERNLEY – Freida Carbery of Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey will be the guest speaker at the Northern Nevada Immunization Coalition’s meeting at Fernley City Hall at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 8. Carbery will explain the purpose and scope of the Medical Outreach Response Event for the Lyon, Storey and Mineral regions scheduled for April 13-14.

MORE will be a large scale event featuring free dentistry, behavioral health, optometry and primary health services for under-insured people in the tri-county region. During the two-day event, over 100 groups and hundreds of community volunteers will work together for lasting change that will positively affect access to primary and behavioral health care for people in the region.

The MORE event will

  • Create a reproducible model.
  • Connect patients to affordable systems of care so they are not reliant on emergency medical care. Medicaid experts, community health nurses, mental health care providers, alcohol and other drug abuse treatment providers, Veteran’s Affairs new “Mobile Vet Centers” and Access to Healthcare Network, among many others, will be there to assist people with follow-up care.
  • Create partnerships between the rural and urban healthcare providers, enhancing collaboration and care for rural Nevadans.
  • Serve as practice for a major public health emergency.
  • Recruit more medical volunteers from the Carson, Reno and rural areas into the Western Medical Reserve Corps and the Public Health Preparedness programs.

What is the NNIC? Northern Nevada Immunization Coalition has been a key contributor to rural outreach providing free children’s immunizations, including at the Silver Stage Task Force Wellness Fair in Silver Springs, for several years. NNIC will also be a key partner in the MORE event helping to fund free child immunizations. NNIC is a diverse partnership of individuals, businesses and organizations that promote health and prevent the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases in Nevada through community partnerships and education. For more information see http://www.immunizenevada.org/nnic.

For more information about the MORE, or to volunteer for the Medical Outreach Response Event, please call Freida Carbery at (775) 230-4210 or Christy McGill at 246-7550.

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