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Door-to-door solicitor calls on the rise



Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputies have been dispatched to several calls regarding door-to-door solicitation within Washoe County. Solicitors have been reported selling numerous items such as magazine subscriptions, household cleaners, and residential security systems. Some solicitors have been reported as being extremely aggressive.

Some of these solicitors may have the necessary licensing and Sheriff’s Office work cards that are required for door-to-door sales in our county, yet many do not. There have been numerous door-to-door scams as well as burglaries possibly connected to solicitors casing neighborhoods. In the past, the vast majority of solicitors that have been contacted are not residents of Washoe County nor live in Nevada.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office offers these tips when dealing with solicitors:

  • If you do not know the person, do not open your door. Don’t feel obligated to greet the unfamiliar person knocking at your door.
  • If you are not interested in the item being offered, simply close the door and lock it. You do not owe the person an explanation.
  • Stand in front of your home and see what is visible from the street. If you can see your valuable items through the front windows, so can potential burglars.
  • Always keep doors and windows locked. Storm doors or security doors are helpful when dealing with solicitors because you can see and speak safely through the door. Never allow an unfamiliar person into your house!
  • Call your local law enforcement agency if a solicitor is aggressively attempting to gain access into your home and/or refusing to show proper identification.
  • If you see criminal or suspicious activity, call our non-emergency dispatch at 832-WCSO (9276).

On Monday, June 27th at approximately 3pm, concerned residents in the area of West Hidden Valley Drive and Mira Loma Drive (Hidden Valley area) called the Sheriff’s Office in regards to magazine solicitors. Deputies responded to the area and located the subjects. Deputies contacted Sarah Proffitt 27 years old and a Sandy Ridge, North Carolina resident, Aaron Marcus 24 years old and a Richmond, Virginia resident, and Daniel Carlsen 25 years old and a Chicago, Illinois resident. Several Hidden Valley residents identified the three subjects as going door-to-door selling magazines. All three subjects did not have the proper license or work permit required and were subsequently arrested and transported to the Washoe County Detention Facility. All three subjects were charged with Traveling Merchant Without a License and Work Permit Required. Their bail has been set at $1,270.

Deputies also contacted Michael Bailey 31 years old and a Willis, Texas resident (Bk#11-11205), in the same area. Michael informed the Deputies that he transported the three subjects to the area in order to sell magazines. Michael was arrested for an outstanding warrant and being in possession of marijuana. Michael was transported to the Detention Facility, where he was booked without incident. Michael’s bail was set at $1,087.

Picture order is Sarah Proffitt top photo, Aaron Marcus middle photo, and Daniel Carlsen bottom photo.




The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office celebrates 150 years of proud service and community partnership in 2011. Sheriff Michael Haley is the 24th person elected to serve as the Sheriff of Washoe County. His office continues to be the only full service public safety agency operating within northern Nevada and is responsible for operating the consolidated detention facility, regional crime lab, Northern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center, Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, court security, service of civil process and traditional street patrols.

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