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Alcohol privilege license of Reno food market temporarily suspended



The privileged liquor license of a Reno business will be suspended as a result of the Reno Police Department’s continuing efforts to stop sales of liquor to minors through liquor license compliance sting operations.

Effective today, Delight Food Mart, located at 507 East 4th St., will have its privileged packaged alcohol license suspended until Monday, March 14.

After Delight Food Mart received its second violation for alcohol sales to minors, a show cause hearing was scheduled for March 1. During the hearing, the one-week suspension was ordered. If another sale to minors occurs within a one-year period starting from March 1, an automatic suspension of the alcohol privileged license for a six-week period will be implemented. The owner of Delight Food Mart also agreed to purchase a new age verification scanning cash register system to be installed by April 1.

When a privileged liquor license is suspended, sales of alcohol are suspended at a business, but the liquor license suspension does not impact other product sales at stores. Citations are issued to store employees for sales or furnishing of alcohol to a minor resulting in review of the store’s privileged liquor license in an administrative hearing that involves the cooperative efforts of the Reno City Attorney’s Office, the Reno Business License Division and the Reno Police Department.

Hearings can result in suspension of the license for a specific period of time, or revocation of the license. Consideration of license suspensions include factors such as protective measures in place prior to the violation such as employee training, signage and other steps, protective measures taken since the violation, time of operation of the business without violations and persons involved in the sale, such as whether the licensee/owner was involved in the violations.

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