Opinion: New poll shows Rory Reid within striking distance of Sandoval


A new poll released this week shows Rory Reid moving ahead in the polls and within striking distance of GOP gubernatorial hopeful Brian Sandoval in a general election. The Project New West poll shows Reid within five points–almost within the margin of error–of Sandoval. The Republican has been beaten up in the media over the last few weeks for flip-flopping on–or outright lying about where he stands on–drivers licenses for undocumented workers, abortion, signing pledges and taxes.

· BloggersforChange.com said “Rory Reid is roaring back to life” this week. “Rory Reid trails Republican frontrunner Brian Sandoval by just five points (46-41). Sandoval has routinely led Reid by double digits, according to virtually all public polling in the race. Sandoval must first survive the GOP primary next month, and recent polling has suggested that scandal-tarred incumbent GOP Governor Jim Gibbons might well be on the road to political recovery in that primary.”

· Prominent local pundit Jon Ralston said the “scent of fear (is) in the air for Republicans” and that Rory is “within striking distance of Sandoval.

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