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Opinion: Gibbons on renewable energy




Events driven by my administration are moving quickly to turn Nevada into the country’s center for renewable energy. These are exciting times in this field and I am committed to seeing this through in the next four years, if re-elected.

I have a vision to reverse our position as an importer of energy. I want to make us energy independent while maintaining reliability and affordability, and eventually make us a net exporter of clean energy.

Not only will my plans make use of the green energy that surrounds us–the solar power in the south, wind in the north, and geothermal throughout the state–it would create decent-paying and stable jobs by the thousands. These plans are ones I have worked on for years.

I created an energy office that has been hard at work making things happen. They are just now getting that “ball rolling.” Now is not the time to switch horses in this race and elect my opponent–a man who has quit every job he has ever had.

I have plans to pull us out of this economic crisis. It’s not going to be easy. This is not a job one can walk away from when the going gets tough, and it will get tough at times. I promise you I will stick with you until I get us back on track.

I will see to it that we stay on the path to become the Texas of renewable energy. It can and will be done. I have the plans and those plans are beginning to work.

With another four years, imagine what I will be able to accomplish. Imagine the businesses I will be able to attract and the possibilities for turnaround this state faces in this vital area. Let’s expand solar and geothermal power in Southern Nevada, and wind power generation in Northern Nevada.

My plans will put us on a course to create new, high-paying jobs with clean renewable energy resources abundant in our state. We will create a new and diverse industry that will help us endure inevitable economic slowdowns in the future.

Jim Gibbons

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