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Angle endorsed by national pro-family group



Family-Pac Federal, a nationally recognized pro-family political action committee, has endorsed Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate in the upcoming Nevada Republican primary election.

Family-Pac director Paul Caprio released this statement: “There is only one proven, consistent conservative in this important race and her name is Sharron Angle. Sharron Angle has proven through her record of public service, community action, and commitment to limited government for many years, that she can help in the fight to change the culture of runaway federal spending, waste in government, and departure from our traditional American values of constitutional government, which threatens to bankrupt America.

“The present senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, has been the leader of this assault on limited constitutional government in the United States Senate. He has opposed the values of the vast majority of Nevada residents time after time. Recently Reid supported backroom deals that would have given Nebraska, Florida and Louisiana taxpayers special treatment in the health care reform at a great financial cost to the Nevada voters that he is supposed to be representing.

“Sharron Angle will stand up for hard-pressed Nevada taxpayers and oppose any attempts to increase taxes at the federal level. Sharron Angle will fight against any attempts to interfere with the Second Amendment rights of Nevada gun owners. Sharron Angle will stand up for traditional family values on the floor of the United States Senate.

“Family-Pac Federal gives its unqualified support to Sharron Angle and encourages Nevada Republicans to actively support her candidacy in the upcoming June Primary election.”

Angle spokesperson Jerry Stacy said he was not surprised to learn that Angle earned the endorsement from Family-Pac, a pro-family, anti-tax political action committee, and said that other endorsements will be forthcoming. “Family-Pac is correct in their assessment that Mrs. Angle is the ‘only one proven, consistent conservative’ in this primary race. Mrs. Angle has a life-time solid record of being socially and fiscally conservative, and she has never vacillated or faltered, and that is why she is the only leading candidate in this race who can soundly debate Senator Reid on the issues that matter to Nevadans,” he said.

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