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Angle sweeps Storey County straw poll



angle1-1000030-7705061Sharron Angle (R-NV), a former state legislator who leads Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in the latest polls conducted by Mason-Dixon and Rasmussen, continued strong showings in GOP straw polling being conducted throughout the state by sweeping 100 percent of the vote in Storey County.

Angle also finished a close second in the Carson City straw poll, earning two votes less than State Senator Mark Amodei, a Carson City native. Carson City results showed Amodei at 36.5 percent and Angle at 34.4 percent. Real estate developer Danny Tarkanian earned 16.1 percent, and former Nevada Republican Chairwoman Sue Lowden earned 8.6 percent. Another candidate, Bill Parsons, earned 4.3 percent. All other candidates received no votes.

Last weekend’s polling marked the second and third release of straw poll numbers released in Nevada. Angle, known by her constituents as a battle-tested conservative who fought unconstitutional government and run-away taxes, proved victorious in last week’s straw poll in Washoe County by winning handily over all other candidates.

Angle spokesperson Jerry Stacy said the combined tally of Washoe County, Storey County and Carson City showed that the energy was clearly on Angle’s side among the party faithful. “Of the three counties to release numbers, Mrs. Angle holds an expansive lead at 42.93 percent, nearly tripling the votes of her nearest rivals,” Stacy noted.

Angle’s nearest challengers were Lowden and Amodei, both tied at 15.59 percent. Tarkanian obtained 14.87 percent of the three combined polls, and all other candidates were at single digits or zero.

“I want to be emphatically clear that Sharron Angle is not resting on her laurels from these straw polls,” Stacy clarified. “There is certainly a lot of value to be deemed from these straw polls, but the real poll is on Election Day, and I can assure you that Sharron Angle continues to campaign throughout the state as if she was in last place.”

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