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Building a new Nevada – destroying dreams, deferring futures, stories from EducateNevada.org


By Chancellor Dan Klaich
Nevada System of Higher Education

Over the last several days, I have been sending daily e-mails to our subscribers sharing the stories of our students and what education means to their lives.

During that time, we also re-launched a Web site dedicated to enhancing Nevada’s education system (K-12 and higher ed) and we’ve asked people to share their stories so we, in turn, could share them with you.

Below is one story from a dedicated UNLV graduate, current student and community member who wants to make Nevada a better place to call home.

Cheryl R. Coleman, UNLV grad and current student:

I began attending college at the age of 40, after realizing that my dream to help people find the best fit in the labor market, through identifying their innate gifts, talents and abilities, could not be fully realized unless I enhanced my knowledge, skills, and abilities in business, social and cultural, as well as workforce scholarship.  I graduated from UNLV with my bachelor’s degree Magna Cum Laude, and will be graduating this summer Suma Cum Laude with a master’s degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in workforce education. My aim has always been to assist individuals with finding their right fit in today’s labor market locally, as well as internationally, by taking into consideration the changing global labor climate.  This year, I plan to begin work on my doctorate in the same field in order to continue to conduct research on the topic, as well as attain the critical knowledge learned at that level for strategic management in the field.

I am aware of the budget challenges that we face, but I cannot imagine staying and studying in Nevada if I am not able to enhance my skills and ability to participate effectively in the labor market, be it as a worker, or an agent of change.  As a Graduate Assistant in The Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach (Adult Educational Services) at UNLV,  I help adults who have hidden abilities find their “fit” in the labor market and put them on a college path to attain it; countless individuals are identifying hidden abilities that serve critical labor needs in the U.S, as well as abroad.  I also assist them with getting their GED, and this provides a great deal of hope and encouragement as they lacked confidence for their future, and never believed that they were college material.  Yet, many of their GED scores are off the charts, including in math and science!

Higher education is a very important part of our community, especially when so many adults are returning to school in order to enhance their knowledge for the future.  Please help us with trying to grow in our ability, and do not make any more cuts to our school and to our programs.  People are trying very hard to make it today at the grass roots level.  Where will they go to be prepared?

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